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About Us

Our mission is to provide exceptional quality services, using the most modern equipment.
Our customers value quality aesthetic procedures and beauty.

NOVANA laser aesthetic clinic changes lives. 

Doctor Viktoras Nosevičius
Manager at "Novana"



Teeth whitening using laser light. Procedure is painless and quick. Teeth will become from 2-10 shades whiter.

Beauty Care
Hair removal


Hair that is removed with laser light does not grow back so quickly, compared to regular hair removal. The procedure is painless and effective.
Skin care

45€ - 165€

With the help of laser light problems like acne, pigment spots, uneven skin color, wrinkles and other can be managed. 

Massage with "BodyHealth"


Massage with BodyHealth equipment is proven to be an effective way of regenerating skin cells, removing lymph and more.

Fat removal and Cellulite treatment


The procedure is done using I-lipo laser. Scientifically proven to be an effective tool in removing fat and treating cellulite.

Woman with Red Lipstick
Diamond Face scrub


Diamond face scrub removes minor wrinkles, skin becomes softer and more even. This procedure uses diamond micro crystals.

Our Services

Doctor consultations in English, Russian, Polish 

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